Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm employs casual fruit pickers to hand pick our crop during the berry season, which runs from early December through to February. 
If this is something you may be interested in and you are looking for a summer job, please contact us now.


Are you interested in being involved in the berry harvest?
Call the farm on (03) 56 347 526 prior to the start of the berry season.

Are you able-bodied, and looking for an outdoor job opportunity? 
We hire a number of people for casual harvesting our range of berries over the summer. Hours vary according to heat, rain, and demands of different varieties, and the adaptability of pickers to those challenges. 

Required skills include: nimble fingers, observant eyes, and a busy work attitude.

Personal equipment includes: a leather belt, sturdy shoes (no open-toed or absent footwear), a hat, a raincoat, layered clothing to cope with temperature changes and inclement weather; sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle.

Personal note: any required medication, particularly for allergies, must be carried by you at all times.This does not include cigarettes which must not be smoked in the field.

Sunny Creek policy regarding electronic devices
1. No use of mobile phones for personal calls during paid work periods
2. iPod use is restricted to one ear-piece only, to enable field communications to be unimpeded, and not used at all during any training period - we and the berries need your uninterrupted attention.

Training on the job
Over a two session training period you will be introduced to the intricacies of berry picking various types including field grading and you will be paid for fruit harvested. From these sessions, we can assess quality adaptability and pace levels that decide productivity and profitability for each of us, and collectively decide about continuing hire on hourly payment terms.

The Sunny Creek work place agreement
Our employees are contracted under our 'Sunny Creek Organic Enterprise Agreement 2009' registered with The Fair Work Commission, as part of the horticultural awards modernisation scheme.