Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm has a holistic environmental philosophy that aims to minimise wastage throughout the berry harvest. This means that berries that are too ripe to go in punnets to be sold in retail outlets are instead quickly frozen to capture their flavour and freshness. 

Having a store of frozen berries is great, but shipping logistics limit us to local and direct supply only. If you are far away from us or our couple of Melbourne metro farmers markets then we may be unable to help you.

Unfortunately we don’t have a Melbourne delivery capability, but pick-ups can be arranged by rendezvous at either of the two suburban Farmers Markets we attend – Kingston on the 1st Saturday, and Bentleigh East on the 4th Saturday of every month.

We sell best quality certified organic rasps and other berries in 500g packs, and good quality 2nd-grade –great for smoothies, blending with yoghurt/cereal, cooking etc – in kilogram packs (free flow). The latter are more ripe with consequently minor faults that would affect shelf life if sold fresh.

Kilos of seconds red raspberries, purple raspberries and early varieties of blackberries (eg Ranui, Marion, Waldo) and brambles (boysens, youngs) are popular for smoothies and freshly thawed eating, while late blackberries –the thornless types-  are best suited to preserves. Cocktail mixes are only available in 1st grade 500g packs. Some berry types are only frozen in very limited quantities or grades, depending on seasonal circumstances, and even red raspberries are often sold out before the new season’s production enables replenishment of our stocks.

Frozen Berries


Berry range

Premium Grade (1sts) free-flow (500g pack)

Process Grade (2nds) free-flow (1kg tray)

Process Grade (2nds) block-frozen (1kg tray)

Cocktail berries

Raspberries - red

Raspberries - purple

Raspberries - golden

Raspberries - black



Blackberries -Marion

Blackberries -Ranui

Blackberries -Waldo

Blackberries -Young




Currants –Red /white